Becoming a Volunteer

Are you interested in being a part of the WonderRoad Festival? Apply here to be a volunteer!

Volunteers are needed to cover a minimum of two (2) shifts of four (4) hours each, for a total of eight (8) hours throughout the weekend. In exchange, when not working as a volunteer, volunteers are permitted general admission access to enjoy the festival. Food, beverage, an official event t-shirt and a great experience are also included!

The festival operators would prefer that volunteers agree to two 4-hour shifts; however, if an applicant would like to work one 8-hour shift, please submit this request at after filling out the application. The volunteer coordinator will do their best to accommodate, if possible.
Applicants are required to put a credit card on file with the festival. This card will ONLY be charged if a volunteer does not show up for an assigned shift. The credit card information is required to complete the online application form.